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Personal dosimetry

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Dosimetry measurement

Offer of services

Personal dosimetry workplace provides its services in compliance with the following legal rules: Act No 142/2000 Coll. on metrology as later amended and on supplement of some acts (hereinafter referred to as "Law on metrology"), Act No 355/2007 Coll. on protection, support and development of public health and on amendment and supplement on of some acts (hereinafter referred to as "Law on protection, support and development of public health), Decree of Ministry of Health No 545/2007 Coll. stipulating details on requirements...

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Personal dosimetry

The personal monitoring is the repeated measurement of quantities important with regard to the irradiation protection, enabling control, checking, monitoring and evaluation of the irradiation extent to which the persons working with sources of ionising radiation are exposed. The personal monitoring includes the measurement itself, evaluation and interpretation of results. It is intended to prevent an excessive level of irradiation. The detectors for measuring doses of irradiation are called dosimeters: film dosimetry (the oldest method), thermoluminescence...

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About us

Slovak Legal Metrology (hereinafter referred to as "SLM") is non profitable organization under the foundation scope of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing of SR (hereinafter referred to as "UNMS SR"). ((The etymology of the word "legal" originates in the French word "légale", that means "lawful, juridical".) Tradition and experiences in the field of the personal dosimetry SLM provides the service of the personal dosimetry continuously since 1998. SLM is the only organization disposing with technical and material means necessary...

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