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About us

Slovak Legal Metrology (hereinafter referred to as "SLM") is non profitable organization under the foundation scope of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing of SR (hereinafter referred to as "UNMS SR"). ((The etymology of the word "legal" originates in the French word "légale", that means "lawful, juridical".)

Tradition and experiences in the field of the personal dosimetry

SLM provides the service of the personal dosimetry continuously since 1998. SLM is the only organization disposing with technical and material means necessary for providing this service in Slovakia (e.g., measurements, evaluations, calibrations are performed on the territory of Slovakia). The SLM executes the service of personal dosimetry in its Workplace of the personal dosimetry on the address 822 11 Bratislava - Geologicka 1.

Official measurements in service of personal dosimetry

As the measurement of personal dose equivalents is directly related with the health and safety protection, the measurements carried out by SLM shall meet all the provisions of an official measurement specified by Act No 142/2000 Coll. on metrology as later amended and on supplement of some acts (hereinafter referred to as "Law on metrology"). (The official measurement is a measurement executed by an institute, appointed organization or by an authorized person within the range specified by the decision on authorization in accordance with Law on metrology, § 20.) The results of the official measurements are documented in an official deed issued by SLM. SLM is an appointed organization in accordance with Act No 142/2000 Coll. on metrology, § 9 based on the UNMS SR Decision No 2005/000557/00353 on an organization appointed by UNMS SR.
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Service of personal dosimetry in compliance with Act No 355/2007 Coll. on protection, support and development of public health

In accordance with Act No 355/2007 Coll. on protection, support and development of public health as later amended and on supplement of some acts (hereinafter referred to as "Law on protection, support and development of public health"), Office of public health of SR by its Decision No OOZPZ/9706/2007 allowed SLM to provide the services of personal dosimetry within the following range: "measurement of personal dose equivalent HP (10) and Hp (0,07), external gamma radiation by personal thermoluminiscent dosimeters", "measurement of personal dose equivalent HP (10) from neutron radiation by personal thermoluminiscent dosimeters", "evaluation of radiation doses - determination of the effective dose based on the measuring the personal dose equivalents", "evaluation of radiation doses - determination of the skin, limb and eye lens effective dose based on measuring the personal dose equivalents.
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Accredited working procedures in personal dosimetry

The competence of the SLM´s personal dosimetry workplace to carry out the calibration of dosimeters impartially and with full credibility was cnfirmed by the accreditation* granted by SNAS upon proving the requirements of STN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard even in 2002.
-Accreditation is a procedure upon which the appointed body issues the certificate confirming that a body or a person are competent to carry out the declared activities. It is about the independent, impartial and professional assessment (performed in accordance with the internationally accepted rules) how the accredited criteria (internationally accepted and concerning the respective field of activities performed by the accredited bodies) are met, and about the official acceptance of the accredited body competence to perform the declared activities with credibility (independently, impartially and on the required professional level)

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SLM, including its Personal dosimetry workplace concentrates its activities also on the research and development of new methods and equipment used for calibration of measuring instruments and equipment within the scope of UNMS SR metrology assignments and APVVV invitations.
Ministry for education, science, research and sport of SR issued the Certificate of competence for research and development for SLM in accordance with Act No 172/2005 Coll., § 26a on the state support of research and development..
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Quality management system of the Personal dosimetry workplace is focused to meet the requirements and demands of its customers in the highest possible standard. For the first time, the quality management system was certified by the certification body CE QUALITE SLOVAKIA according to the requirements of STN EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2001. The system was confirmed again in 2004 by the French certification body AFAQ and in 2007 by the Slovak accredited certification body CERTICOM. In 2011 the quality management system of SLM was confirmed by the Belgian certification body AIB-VINÇOTTE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. upon fulfilment of the highly demanding international requirements of IQNet.