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Dosimetry measurement


Offer of services

Current offer

Personal dosimetry workplace provides its services in compliance with the following legal rules:

Portfolio of personal dosimetry services

provided by Personal dosimetry workplace of SLM includes:

Irradiation assessment

Personal dose equivalents measurement

Personal dosimetry workplace carries out measurements of the personal dose equivalent Hp(d) in the following depths of the soft human tissues:

Calibration of dosimeters

Dosimeters are calibrated before their first use (initial calibration), when the monitoring period changes (e.g. quarter period instead one month monitoring period), or after expiration of the calibration period (subsequent calibration). At calibration, the calibration factor is specified for every dosimeter. This factor expresses the deviation of the measured value from the standard dose. All calibration factors are preserved in the database of the workplace. Personal dosimetry workplace disposes with standards manufactured by THERMO ELECTRON CORPORATION. The standards of the workplace are traceable to the standard of national institute of metrology. The following types of dosimeters are calibrated:

Resetting dosimeters

The workplace provides the service of dosimeter resetting in case when the bearer of dosimeter changed, and the dosimeter was not used for a longer time (more than 2 months). The resetting should prevent the risk of transferring the residual radiation doses.

Electronic database of determined effective and equivalent doses

The database of the determined effective and equivalent doses is available on the web-site of Personal dosimetry workplace. The database will provide you with the following:

Hire of dosimeters

Personal dosimetry workplace offers for hire the following dosimetry cards and holders:
The prices for hiring are available in the currently valid price list.